What our customers are saying about us.

“I can’t believe how quickly I went from not having solar panels to having them on my house. It seemed like such a big step and decision but project solar made everything so easy. And now I’m part of the solar revolution. The install was done in a single day, along with battery and app set up. I can now check the status and health of my battery and panels where ever I am and whenever I want. Its great to know I can wait until the right time to run my dishwasher/washing machine etc. And know its running directly from solar power. I’m now looking forward to offsetting my credits to my bill and those long sunny summer days to maximise those credits.”

“We had solar panels, inverter and battery fitted a month ago, and we have been very pleased with the work done by the installers, very quick, neat, and efficient, and the after-sales advice and guidance has been excellent from our rep. The people at the HQ have also been very accessible and helpful. I cannot fault Project Solar.”
Peter Bowen

“After a a long wait on the decision from the planning department at our local council. Project Solar UK didn’t waste anytime and got in touch soon as the approval came through. They had arranged for the Scaffolding company to arrive prior to installation and had the whole system up and running in a day! The installers were very polite and didn’t hesitate to clean up after the job was completed. When asked they seemed to be very knowledgeable and happy to answer questions we had. Would recommend to anyone who is entertaining the idea of having solar panels installed. Should of considered sooner!”
Robin Sprawson