So, what does ‘green’ mean anyway?

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Do you consider that you make ‘green’ choices as a consumer? Do you run your business in a ‘green’ way, or try to? Do you behave in a way that’s considered ‘green’ in your day-to-day life?

There was a time when ‘going green’ was something of a minority sport, something for activists, the environmentally-minded few, or those considered very altruistic. Green-washing was a charge once levelled at some companies, accused of using ‘green’ as a marketing tactic, to make themselves look good.

Now, ‘green’ behaviour and actions have become mainstream, socially respected, and expected, as we know a lot more and government policy has pushed the environment up the agenda.

But there are, and always has been, different interpretations of what makes a behaviour or activity ‘green’.
‘Green’ is often interchangeable with ‘eco-friendly’, ‘environmentally-friendly’, ‘earth-friendly’.

It means;

  • Not causing harmful pollution which is damaging to people, animals, wildlife, and nature
  • Not depleting the world of crucial, limited, irreplaceable resources i.e. renewable
  • Being efficient with resources to make the most from them
  • Reducing waste
  • Thinking sustainably, of future generations globally, and how our actions may impact on them

So as an entrepreneur in the ‘green’ space, this is what lies at the heart of the technology and products we invent and bring to market.

The design and functionality of our products is based on;

  • Taking renewable energy from solar and using it to power homes.
  • Incorporating Smart technology and flexible functionality wherever possible for maximum efficiency.
  • Making products reliable, high quality, and aesthetically pleasing so the fact they are ‘green’ is another, rather than the only feature.
  • Making our products cost effective and able to deliver long term energy cost savings, so that being ‘green’ can be accessible to all, not a luxury of the few.
  • Looking at the whole picture, the whole home, to create a fully ‘green’ eco-system.

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Don’t just talk about being green, achieve it, and enjoy the benefits!

Simon Peat

Simon Peat

CEO Project Better Energy

Green technology entrepreneur and inventor. Meeting the sustainability challenges of tomorrow with renewable energy solutions today.