In my business, we talk a lot about the ‘whole house approach’.

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And that’s because the ‘whole house approach’ is the best route to maximum energy efficiency.

Being energy efficient is not just good for the environment and key to achieving zero carbon emissions and protecting our planet, but it’s great for our pockets too. Because the more efficient we can be with the energy in our homes and day to day lives, the more money we can save. Which for most people is definitely something to celebrate (particularly anyone with family endlessly consuming energy on devices and leaving lights on around the house!).

So, the ‘whole house approach’. What it’s all about?

It means looking at the big picture. It means focusing on not just the way energy is generated or what heating system you may have, but the whole package together.

At Project Better Energy we provide all the services and products you need to do this.
First of all, generating your energy from solar panels or Integrated Roof Panels.
Then ⬇

Storing that energy in power stores ready for you to use when you need it.
Then ⬇

Using that energy to heat your home and water through non-water and non-gas based green heating systems, including infrared heating panels and air sourced hot water cylinders.
Then ⬇

Charging your electric vehicle using the energy you are generating and storing.
And finally, ⬇

Selling any surplus back to the grid in the form of social energy.

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Simon Peat

Simon Peat

CEO Project Better Energy

Green technology entrepreneur and inventor. Meeting the sustainability challenges of tomorrow with renewable energy solutions today.