Welcome to Project Better Energy

An energy company with strong ethics based on treating customers fairly.

The UK's leading business, Project Better Energy are a multi-award winning group of companies specialising in the renewable energy sector.

Our mission is to enrich people’s lives and make great things happen. To do this we have established a culture that supports our team members, so they can provide our customer with the highest level of

service and provide the broadest range of technology-led products, that will help to enrich their lives, live smarter and save money whilst reduce their energy costs and protecting our planet.

Project Better Energy is transforming lives and boosting businesses through state of art technology, setting the standard with industry-leading customer focused service.

Project Solar UK

Serving the UK domestic market primarily and now in it's 7th year of trading.

Project Solar UK Ltd is a specialist provider and installer of Solar PV and energy saving products. We offer a range of Solar PV systems and energy saving products based on and further to a consultation with the consumer in the home.

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Zanussi Solar

Over the last 5 years Zanussi Solar has become one of the market leaders for the provision of renewable energy sources.

Offering an unrivalled service in the field of photovoltaic solar installations. Zanussi Solar have successfully completed 1000's of installations on solar PV alone.

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Cürv 360º

Control your home the smart way...

A range of smart products including: wireless thermostat, wireless doorbell, wireless light, wireless switches and smart radiator valves.

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Cürv Infrared Heating

Welcome to the next generation of infrared heating technology.

A smart solution that heats your home in an instant. Designed in the UK, Cürv Infrared offers multiple heat settings, with economical mode controls and low power consumption. But the benefits don’t stop there...

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Project EV

Charge your car for FREE with solar

A range of commercial and domestic car charging products, allowing you to charge your car for FREE using solar.

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Project Air Source
project air source

Revolutionary Air Source Heat Pumps.

From the Isle of Skye to the Isle of Wight, in flats, bungalows, houses and even stately homes there is a heat pump solution for you.

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Battery Storage

A revolutionary home energy storage system.

A successfully developed 3kWh household energy storage solution, including smart technology and a monitoring system. The system is small and lightweight, which makes for easy installation and maintenance.

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