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Electric Vehicle

From fast to ultra-rapid charging infrastructure, to smart management systems, we offer a comprehensive suite of commercial EV charging solutions.

Revolutionise Your Business With Commercial EV Charging Solutions

Join the electric vehicle revolution and embrace sustainability while catering to the growing demand for eco-conscious transportation. Discover how our tailored solutions can boost employee satisfaction, attract customers, and position your business as a leader in the green mobility revolution. Revolutionise your workplace with our commercial EV charging offerings.

Boosting the Bottom Line with EV Charging

Generate Additional Revenue

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities with EV Charging

For businesses, EV charging isn't just about supporting sustainability – it's a strategic move to generate additional revenue. With the Project EV Pro App, a business can generate money through public EV charging activity.

Prepare Your Business For The Future Of Travel

EV Grants & Incentives

Preparing Your Business for the EV Revolution

Reduce your upfront investment in EV infrastructure by taking advantage of grants & workplace charging schemes available. Prepare your business for the upcoming changes in mobility, enhance your green sustainability policies, attract eco-conscious clients, and offset your other carbon emission operations.

Increased Footfall & Tourism

Destination Charging

Help Put Your Business On The Map & Increase Custom

By implementing EV chargers, you can attract electric vehicle owners as potential customers. Whether you operate a retail store, restaurant, hotel, or any other business, offering EV charging can drive more foot traffic and longer customer stays. This translates to increased sales, additional service offerings, and enhanced brand loyalty.

Commercial EV Charging Showcase

Witness The Power of EV Charging

Watch the transformation our clients have taken, with Project Better Energy, to adopt EV Chargers into their business.

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Finance options

Ways To Get Commercial EV Chargers

Power Up Your EV Charging Future with Flexible Finance Options.


Elevate your business with a CAPEX purchase option for your EV Charging infrastructure:

Ownership Day One

Immediate ownership and control of EV charging infrastructure.

Monetise Your Chargers

Take 100% of the revenue generated from the public activity at your EV chargers.

OZEV Grant Eligible

Reduce your upfront investment cost by utilising the OZEV Workplace Charge Scheme grant.


With a Finance solution enjoy the benefits of EV Charging:

Affordable Entry

Minimal upfront costs, making it accessible for businesses with budget constraints.

Fixed Monthly Payments

Predictable monthly payments for budgeting and financial planning.

Flexible Terms

Our Lease-to-Own agreements can be tailored to meet the specific needs and financial goals of a business.

Case Studies

Featured EV Charger Projects

Our renewable energy services and technology have been delivered across all commercial sectors. View our renewable case studies to see what we have achieved for our customers, reducing their carbon footprint and financial overheads.

Branston Golf Club

View Project Better Energy's commercial EV case study at Branston Golf Club.

Lawn Tennis Association

View Project Better Energy's commercial EV case study at the Lawn Tennis Association.

Kilworth Springs Golf Club

View Project Better Energy's commercial EV case study at Kilworth Springs Golf Club.

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    Renewable Solutions

    More Ways To Save Energy & Cut Carbon

    We offer a vast range of complementary renewable energy technologies to ensure the best possible results. By merging these technologies, we can help you to save your business money whilst offering carbon reductions. Our revolutionary solar energy solutions can help your business to reach net-zero.


    Commercial solar systems are renewable energy solutions for businesses and organisations. Turn unproductive dead space on your roof, land, or water into power.

    Battery Storage

    Battery storage facilities can be used to reduce your electrical requirements, provide back-up power, capture excess energy from solar, and utilise off-peak power.

    Infrared Heating

    Infrared heating is an energy-efficient solution businesses can implement to provide instant heat, reduce energy costs, and reduce carbon emissions on your heating.