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Green Goals: Project Better Energy Announces Sponsorship of Newcastle Town Football Club

Project Better Energy are proud to announce our recent sponsorship of Newcastle Town Football Club, a beloved pillar of the local community. This collaboration marks an exciting step towards promoting a greener tomorrow and the start of an exciting journey for all involved.

Project Better Energy and Newcastle Town Football Club Join Forces For Sustainability

As part of this partnership, Project Better Energy will work closely with Newcastle Town Football Club to implement environmentally friendly initiatives aimed at reducing the club’s carbon footprint and promoting sustainability through the introduction of energy-efficient technologies.

This partnership aims to strengthen the bonds within the community. By rallying behind the shared goal of sustainability, Project Better Energy and Newcastle Town Football Club seek to unite both residents and fans in a collective effort to create positive change.

Beyond The Game: How Project Better Energy Is Empowering Local Communities

Throughout this partnership, we will inspire not only the football community but also the wider Newcastle-under-Lyme community to embrace green practices and work towards a more sustainable future.

The partnership between Project Better Energy and Newcastle Town FC exemplifies the power of collective action in driving positive change. By harnessing the passion for football and the commitment to sustainability, a lasting impact will be made on the community and pave the way for a brighter, greener future.

Sustainable Collaboration to Meet The Same Goal

Gavin Cunjamalay (Head of Commercial EV – Project Better Energy) and Gavin Appleby (Chairman – Newcastle Town Football club) 
both share their thoughts on the partnership:


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