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Project Better Energy are so excited to be featured in the latest edition of Construction & Civil Engineering magazine! The spotlight on our company underscores the pioneering efforts of our CEO, Simon Peat, in the realm of solar energy, as well as our strategic expansion into electric vehicle (EV) charging, heating, and energy solutions.

In the article, Project Better Energy’s innovative approach to harnessing solar energy is thoroughly explored. Simon Peat’s leadership has been instrumental in driving forward sustainable energy practices, making solar power more accessible and efficient.

Moreover, the article highlights our exciting venture into EV charging solutions. Building on our foundations in the solar energy industry, Simon states ‘In the current climate, we felt that venturing into the EV market was a natural progression’. Recognising the rapid growth and importance of electric vehicles in reducing carbon emissions, Project Better Energy is committed to supporting this transition. Our EV charging infrastructure is designed to be both robust and user-friendly, paving the way for a more sustainable transportation future.

Additionally, the article features our expansion into comprehensive home heating and energy solutions through Project Curv. We provide homeowners with integrated systems for power, lighting, heating, and hot water “enabling homeowners to reduce their energy bills by circa £500 per year’. This not only makes energy more affordable but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly living environment.

We are excited to continue our journey towards innovative and sustainable energy solutions. Being part of the Construction & Civil Engineering magazine validates our efforts and achievements in the renewable energy sector, and we are proud to share our journey with the readers. We invite you to read the full article to gain deeper insights into Project Better Energy’s innovative strategies and our ongoing projects aimed at building a greener future.

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