At the forefront of green innovation.
And on a mission to stay that way.

We’ve led the UK’s solar market for most of the last decade.

Offering the quality products, and exceptional specialist service customers need to harness solar energy and reduce their energy bills.

But Solar was just the start.

Our vision has always been to look at the sustainability challenges faced by the world and figure out a way to solve them. And this meant not just delivering renewable energy but extending the eco journey throughout the home.

Making the home its own eco-system

We realised that to achieve real energy efficiency, we needed to give customers a way to use their renewable energy to power equally environmentally-friendly systems inside the home.

This meant looking at heating. Storage. Vehicle charging. And bringing the whole lot together, so that with the full package of eco-solutions, energy bills could potentially disappear altogether.

But just creating the solutions wasn’t enough.

We wanted our products to be gold standard, world-leading, as attractive as they are high-functioning, so that builders, architects, designers, and homeowners would see them as enhancements to stylish contemporary homes.

So we thought of everything. Sleek, appealing design. Testing to the highest standards. Easy installation. User-friendly smart app-based operation and integration.

And this is what has led us to where we are today.

Our CEO, Simon Peat has a vision, and he never stands still.

“We’re now able to offer customers and home-builders a whole-house approach to energy efficiency with the very real prospect of substantially reducing energy costs or even doing away with them altogether.

Combining this with the global benefit to the environment is what drives me to keep innovating, researching, and developing new exciting, attractive, and reliable green heating and energy technologies.

Achieving net zero emissions will be a challenge for everyone. But where there is challenge, I see opportunity. To find a solution with better energy”.

Simon Peat
Simon Peat, CEO

"Through researching, developing, and innovating, we continue to pioneer smart green technology solutions, beneficial not just to the environment, but to people’s lives and incomes."